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    What You’ll Need

    • A clean sink or bucket

    • The bras you need to wash, separated into light and dark colours because you’ll want to wash them separately

    • Delicate detergent

    • A towel

    • A tap/ shower head

    Step 1: Fill up your container with lukewarm water. 

    • You might find it easy to put it in the bath or shower so you can easily pour the water out.

    • Your bras are like goldilocks here - not too hot and not too cold with the water.

    • Make sure the water level can cover the undergarments you’ll be washing and you’ve got enough water so you can move them around.

    Step 2: Pour in a teaspoon of detergent, or follow the instructions on the bottle.

    • Most delicate detergents are super concentrated so you don’t need to use very much each time you wash, which means the bottle can last you years!

    • Mix the soapy liquid around for even distribution.

    • 3 min read